Webinar| Delivering Benefits Realisation to the Customer

Webinar Training SeriesOverview:

If the elements of the Business Case including the solution design, financial impact and benefits can be thought of as the promises made to the customer, Benefits Realisation is the technique to ensure these promises are delivered.

It is vital to ensure that not only does the project deliver all of the benefits predicted, but there is a process to measure, demonstrate and articulate that the benefits have been realised.


This webinar covers the main elements required to successfully deliver benefits realisation as part of the customer engagement.

The key techniques and tools covered are:

  • Implementation Readiness Factor Assessment
    This process covers IT and business unit capacity to execute, Vision and commitment, Approach and ability to implement, Governance and ac-countability, Funding and sponsorship and the business case

Implementation Road Mapping

  • Estimate resource requirements
  • Estimate project timing
  • Refine capability-based planning
  • Define capability increments
  • Determine transition architectures
  • Manage risks of implementation projects
  • Confirm interactions with management frameworks

Benefit Realisation Approach - Focusing on the follow activities:

  • Confirm the benefits expected from the business case, as well as risks and assumptions
  • Fund and staff the benefit measurement resources and Identify changes (roles, processes, behaviors) required to achieve benefits
  • Plan contingencies for obstacles to benefit achievement
  • Track the level of benefit attainment and compare to projected tar-gets
  • Report on actual benefits attained by end of implementation versus expected benefits

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Scott Young

Scott is a consultant with more than 15 years' experience specialising in technology enabled customer business transformation. He has a profound understanding of how institutions can leverage technical architecture in their business strategy. read more.

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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