Webinar| Modelling the Customers Business

Webinar Training SeriesOverview:

With the increasing level of detailed information being gathered and communicated, the level of complexity also increases.

The need to be able to clearly understand and articulate these complex scenarios is fundamental to the success of the engagement.

Modelling is a key technique to ensure clarity of communication and under-standing. 


The planning and modelling of the future state of the organisation requires an understanding of what activities, processes and actors will be involved to be successful.

The key techniques and tools covered are:

  • Value Chain Analysis 
    • Creating value for your customers
    • Maximising value
  • Business Use Case
    • Aligning goals with business strategy
    • Quantifying value to business
    • Assigning priorities
  • Business Process Modelling
    • Understanding internal business procedures
    • Communicating your business procedures
    • Collaborations and business transactions between organisations
    • Understanding your business
    • Adjusting to business circumstances quickly

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Scott Young

Scott is a consultant with more than 15 years' experience specialising in technology enabled customer business transformation. He has a profound understanding of how institutions can leverage technical architecture in their business strategy. read more.

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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