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Cloud Learning Solutions and Services - Customer Reference

Cloud Learning Solutions and Services

I recommend the Global Knowledge Cloud Learning Solutions and Services to anyone who is remotely interested in dealing with managed or cloud services, either from the cloud building and service enabling side, or if they are considering the provision of Cloud services to end customers.

It clearly points the main obstacles and risks of the Cloud & Managed Services business model and introduces the key ingredients for a strategic decision an organization leader has to make - to either go into the managed and/or cloud services or not.  This program also explains the success factors and offers a comprehensive framework for service providers based on industry best practice - something that is priceless equally for greenfield startups (because of the time and resources saved on not "reinventing the wheel") and established service providers (providing them with a benchmark baseline and checklist of changes to be made in the organization, or in the processes).

The framework explained in the training consists of best practice business structure, documents, processes, function and role definitions, and other guidelines required to create, deliver and maintain services for business customers.

In addition, the Cloud sales training is one of the best I have ever experienced, putting in place all elements needed to understand the fundamental difference between selling commodity products and complex business solutions.

Although the framework is interleaved with Cisco portfolio for managed services, its basic principles taught are universal and can be applied to any service provider organization.

Antonio Prišcan,

Business Development Director at Mrežne tehnologije VERSO d.o.o