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CCAH: Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop

Cloudera training for Apache HadoopEarning the CCAH certification confirms that you have the core system administrator skills sought by companies and organizations deploying Apache Hadoop. It verifies your ability to plan, deploy, and manage Apache Hadoop clusters, and it confirms that you have the knowledge and skills to choose the hardware and operating systems to host an Apache Hadoop cluster.

Achieving CCAH certification declares your ability to use the tools for monitoring and managing the Apache Hadoop file system, and it confirms your knowledge of the functions and features of Apache Hadoop's logging and monitoring systems. 

The CCAH exam tests your knowledge of the concepts and skills required in the following areas:

  • Core Hadoop Concepts
  • Storing Files in Hadoop
  • Job Configuration and Submission
  • Job Execution Environment
  • Input and Output
  • Job Lifecycle
  • Data Processing
  • Key and Value Types
  • Common Algorithms and Design Patterns
  • The Hadoop Ecosystem

The following course(s) help you prepare for this certification:

Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop