Data Protection Officer - Are you DPO ready?

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes effective on 25th May 2018, the Data Protection Officer (DPO) becomes a mandatory role for all companies that collect or process personal data of citizens of the European Union, or those residing in the EU.

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) estimates that more than 75,000 Data Protection Officers will be needed to meet the GDPR compliance requirements.

What is a Data Protection Officer?

Data Protection Officers are enterprise security leaders, responsible for implementing and monitoring the data protection strategy of organisations, thus ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements.

The DPO should be a good communicator so that they can ensure that GDPR knowledge is widely understood across the organisation, and directs and oversees all data protection activities in an organisation.

A Data Protection Officer develops the organisation-specific policies and procedures to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, oversees the implementation of these policies and procedures and ensures that staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to protect data. Furthermore, a DPO handles requests of the public regarding their personal data.

What do you need to become a Data Protection Officer?

Is your organisation DPO ready? Are you aware of how to become a certified DPO?

IAPP's Data Protection Officer training courses are recognised as the most effective way to prepare for this all-important role.
The combination of the training courses Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) - and Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), will provide privacy professionals with the knowledge required to hold the role of a Data Protection Officer. <link to CIPPE, CIPM, CIPPE/CIPM>

As required by the GDPR, the CIPP/E provides DPOs with a comprehensive understanding of the European legal framework and the CIPM teaches DPOs the theoretical capacities to lead a data protection policy.

More information

Would you like to have more information on Data Protection Officer training and how to become a certified DPO? Please contact your local Global Knowledge IAPP Training advisor