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Introducing Cloud Practice Accelerator

Cloud computing is a disruptive technology across all industries and business leaders have recognized the business benefits that will be achieved in enabling Cloud business capability development, in their practice and for their customers.
Building capabilities as a Cloud Reseller Practice begins with understanding how your organization is currently performing as a Cloud practice.

The Practic Accelerator Program combines remote expert workshops with an innovative, interactive online assessment platform which will identify your current capabilities as a Cloud services provider as well as the anticipated future required level of transformation.

Building Cloud capabilities begins with understanding how your organisation is currently performing as a Cloud practice. Cloud Practice Accelerator (CPA) is an award-winning digital assessment and acceleration application which allows your organisation to identify the necessary changes you need to make to stay competitive within the Cloud reseller marketplace.

Based on your answers to various self-paced assessments, CPA measures your capabilities Cloud Services reseller, against an optimal target operating model. Identifying the key roles, processes and technologies that you can develop to begin your journey towards the next level of maturity for a Cloud Services Practice.

Cloud Transformation

CPA uses an optimal Cloud Services Practice target operating model to measure your organization against, providing you with real-time data, including a detailed Roadmap and Gap Analysis.

While the Gap Analysis gives you a high-level overview of your organisation as a whole, the Roadmap allows you to drill down further and discover the people, processes, and technology you still need to acquire to maximise your Cloud capabilities and drive your organisation forward.

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Cloud Practice Accelerator