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Validation Workshop

Workshop Duration

2 hours Virtual Delivery


The Practice Accelerator (PA) Program assesses Partner organization's capabilities and provides practical tools to help build a successful practice in areas such as Cloud Reselling or Digital Business.
PA uses data gathered during the self- assessment phase to provide the Partner organization with recommended changes and practical steps, all benchmarked against an optimal target operating model.
The value of the Validation workshop is the opportunity to have an expert consultant review and assess the outputs of the Assessment phase, identifying areas of focus and priority to continue the Practice Accelerator journey and defining the next steps to take.

Target Audience:

Partner Organization Representatives responsible for their Practice Accelerator Program.


Purchase of a Practice Accelerator Licence(s) and completion of the assessment.

Workshop Objectives:

The outputs of this workshop will be:

  • Validated Practice Accelerator Results
  • Identified Gaps and Areas of Focus
  • Established Organization Strategy and Priorities
  • Agreed Actions and Next Steps


  • Welcome and Introduction
    • Consultant introduction
    • Partner introduction
    • Delegate's Role in the PA Program


  • Questions and Feedback
    • Questions on the Initial PA Assessment Phase
    • Comments and Feedback on data inputs and outputs


  • Review of Outputs
    • Analysis of Partner Organization Outputs


  • Gaps and Areas of Focus
    • Identification of patterns and potential challenges


  • Organizational Strategy and Priorities
    • Discussion of organizational focus and priorities related to Practice development


  • Recommend Next Steps
    • Agreed next steps and actions for Partner Organization