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Learning Consultancy

Our experienced Learning Consultants are able to get at the heart of our customer's learning issues rapidly and solve them efficiently. Our proprietary methodology SOLVE is a comprehensive, approach that gives us the ability to fully understand our customers's unique learning needs within the context of their business goals, then design and implement a custom, measurable solution.

As a worldwide leader in IT and Management training, we understand the roles that planning, developing, and delivering play in a successful training business and apply this knowledge to our solutions. With our extensive industry knowledge, we can implement a business plan that is unique to each customer.

Business Planning.  Through business planning, we will develop an ongoing process to analyse, plan, and measure the success and effectiveness of our partnership.  Our Learning Consultants work with our customers to define their specific goals and help direct internal resources towards a successful plan.

Programme Definition and Processes. Our dedicated team of Learning Consultants work with our customers to define both overall learning program requirements and business processes to support those requirements. We take a comprehensive look at factors relating to audience, environment, business objectives, and use this analysis to design the overall programme.
Our Expertise. Our range of experience includes managing programmes of all sizes, and working with both Fortune 500 and government clients. This experience includes:
  • Determining program success factors
  • Curriculum design/certification mapping
  • Blended learning strategy/modality mapping
  • Process design, including financial management processes
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Learning technology infrastructure planning and design

A Solution that Fits.  Using  our  considerable expertise and resources we are able to create, customise and deliver training solutions that are cut to fit our customer's needs with a "Cradle to grave" approach to solving learning problems that encompass all elements of the learning process.
Global Knowledge's Training Consultancy Services  benefit our customer's by:
  • Reducing the overall cost of skills acquisition
  • Providing a clear budgetary spend and forecasting
  • Helping create a corporate strategy for purchasing of learning
  • Tracking closely staff learning and maintaining an organisational skills profile
  • Gaining a true understanding of the organisation's skills
  • Designing specific customer programmes that are focused to a given need
  • Ensuring the business remains efficient after new technology rollouts
  • Minimise out of office time by exploiting alternative methods of skills acquisition
  • Hassle free hosting of company specific training events that are delivered by internal trainers