Webinar| Creating the Solution Business Case

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The business case is a key step, used to articulate the value of the solution and positioned to the customer's business objectives. The business case needs to be compelling and present the proposal aligned to how the customer will evaluate the opportunity.

To be credible the business case must articulate not only the advocated solution, but highlight the business benefits that will be realised by the customer.


The key techniques and tools covered are:

  • Cause and Effect Benefit Logic Model
    Understanding how we can use this process to look at both the direct and indirect business benefits of a solution architecture
  • Benefit Credibility
    Use the target state blueprint views to facilitate the stakeholder review of benefit. From this review we can assess the benefits per objective. Then we score and weight rating to evaluate the relative importance of benefits to business objectives
  • Solution Business Value Justification
    This process allows for the business to weigh the risk and reward of the benefit and does so through assessment by the key stakeholders. Usually the key stakeholder will be Sponsors, SMEs and the executive

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Scott Young

Scott is a consultant with more than 15 years' experience specialising in technology enabled customer business transformation. He has a profound understanding of how institutions can leverage technical architecture in their business strategy. read more.

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