Webinar| Managing Customer Business Requirements

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In the journey to enable the customer to achieve their business objectives and goals, understanding the overall strategy and vision is a key element. Once that is understood, the level of detail required to enable that change within the organisation becomes much greater.

The business changes will drive requirements within the organisation, as will various stakeholders and other groups. Understanding, validating and constantly checking progress against these requirements is a key step to ensuring the direction taken is correct.


This webinar introduces the key elements required to ensure comprehensive requirements gathering.
The key techniques and tools covered are:

  • Facilitation Techniques
    • Being an effective facilitator
    • Planning and guiding proceedings effectively
  • Requirements Discovery Process
    • Identifying system requirements
    • Needs and desires for a system or application
    • Functions, features and constraints

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Scott Young

Scott is a consultant with more than 15 years' experience specialising in technology enabled customer business transformation. He has a profound understanding of how institutions can leverage technical architecture in their business strategy. read more.

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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