Enterprise Architecture Capability Webinar: The Enterprise Architecture Value Proposition


This webinar is the first in a series of three. It will help organizations and EA Practitioners within those organizations understand why they should be doing Enterprise Architecture. It Introduces the need to understand what the value proposition (VP) for EA as a business should be. It demonstrates the importance of relating the VP to properly formed customer segments (in the context of the Value Proposition Canvas). It examines Pains and Gains, Pain Relievers and Gain Creators. It introduces the concepts and differences between features, advantages, and benefits.

The follow-on webinars are:


  • Introduce the need to understand what the Value Proposition (VP) for Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a business should be
  • Demonstrate the importance of relating VP to properly formed customer segments (as per Value Proposition Canvas)
    • Introduce Pains and Gains, Pain Relievers and Gain Creators
  • Introduce the concepts and differences between Features, Advantages, Benefits.
  • Examine the position of specific EA 'Customer' Segments (CS):
    • The enterprise as a whole
    • Specific senior domains/viewpoints - Enterprise responsibility for:
    • Users of the IT infrastructure, in the broad sense
    • Developmental and Operational IT
  • Examine specific value propositions:
    • Fitness for Purpose (of IT) (Requirements)
    • Cost Effectiveness (of IT). Impacts related to:
    • Agility (of IT, and more broadly) (responsiveness to external change stimuli)
    • Understanding
  • Examine linkages and relevance of each VP to each CS


Alison Hawksworth is the Senior Director - Business Capability Transformation Practice at Global Knowledge. With more than 20 years of experience in helping organizations achieve their transformation goals, Alison works with IT vendors, the vendor partner community, and enterprise clients.

She is the visionary and primary author of the award winning Business Architecture Transformation Program and is co-author of: Architecture et transformation de l'enterprise et du SI (ISBN 978-2-212-55892-0)

Guy Tozer is a Senior Consultant with more than 25 years of EA and consulting experi-ence, including as a developer and supplier of Enterprise Architecture orchestration management tools and methods to a diverse range of clients.

He is a global authority on corporate data and information control practices and is au-thor of:

  • Metadata Management (ISBN 0 890062803)
  • Information Quality Management (ISBN 1 855543559)

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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