Webinar: Active Leadership for IT Professionals


Intense competition coupled with flattened hierarchies, multi-dimensional teams and a diverse working environment characterize today's business climate. For those leading IT teams, this reality is compounded with the challenges of:

  • Realizing that most IT employees have deeper technical knowledge than their leaders
  • Communicating with and supervising employees when you often can't tell what they are doing
  • Motivating IT employees who may not be interested in traditional career paths
  • Coaching and developing highly technical skilled employees
  • Hiring and retaining the best talent
  • Bridging the communication gap between IT and the rest of the business

In this 1 hour webinar, Michelle Moore will provide actionable ideas to help you lead and manage others in IT.


The webinar will include the following elements:

  • How is managing and leading others in IT different?
  • Task and people focus when leading
  • Identifying ability and motivation
  • Adapting your leadership style to engage and motivate IT employees quickly
  • Q&A


Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore is senior director of leadership and business solutions for Global Knowledge Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa. A learning and development professional with more than 25 years of experience helping organizations solve business problems related to people and process, Moore has extensive experience working with both HR and IT. Her current mission is to help organizations make the most of the digital opportunity.

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

Watch the Webinar Recording