Webinar: Resilia - Spearheading the Best Practice Crusade for Cyber Resilience


Organisations are spending vast sums protecting their digital assets, still hardly a week goes by without news of a major security breach.  Attacks are larger, more complex and targeted.  Sought-after digital assets include intellectual property (IP), and customer and financial data.  The average financial impact of each breach is increasing and it's becoming harder to keep these attacks out of the news. The bottom line is the consequences for organisations can be devastating in terms of loss of revenue and reputation. 

This webinar will introduce the latest weapon in the fight back - Resilia - the newly released global best practice framework for cyber resilience published by Axelos, the people that brought you ITIL and PRINCE2.  


This webinar will include the following elements:

  • The need for cyber resilience - the cyber story so far          
  • Benefits of the Resilia approach        
  • How Resilia is structured
  • What education is available 


Barry Corless

Barry Corless is responsible for maintaining and developing Global Knowledge's best practice portfolio to offer wider content and more competency-led activities. He has a wealth of experience from within the IT industry including previous roles in government agency, retail, managed service provider, education and consultancy sectors. 

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

Watch the webinar recording