Webinar: Protect your network with IBM Security QRADAR


Incidents happen all the time. When they happen, the quality of the response depends mainly on two factors: fast discovery of the incident, and accuracy of the data available to the analysts.

By integrating system and security logs and network flows in a single unified platform, QRadar can both enrich sensor data, providing alerts for scenarios that rely on multiple sensors, and help analyst track the incident faster, and more accurately.

IBM QRadar SIEM delivers the industry's only SIEM system solution that gives security professionals the visibility they need to protect their networks. In this session, we will cover the Vulnerability Management capabilities of IBM QRadar SIEM.

Furthermore, Edouard and Matthieu will talk about what Vulnerability Management (VM) QRadar does together with Passive VM and Active VM, focus on the different types of third party scanners that are supported by QRadar and discuss and demo the Asset Tab, Asset Profiler and the Asset Database of QRadar. 


The webinar will include the following elements:

  • Challenges of modern security monitoring in a distributed environment procedures used in the real world to respond to a detected incident
  • How QRadar integrates in the infrastructure to become the central security activity intelligence platform of the system.
  • How to use QRadar to enrich sensor-provided information in realistic situations


Edouard Chamillard and Matthieu Eck

Matthieu Eck is a system and network security administrator with in-depth knowledge and experience in network infrastructure deployment and security optimisation. He holds various certifications in the network- and security area. Matthieu helps organisations to design, implement and manage their network infrastructure and information system more efficiently and more securely.

Edouard Chamillard is a system and network security expert with in-depth knowledge and experience in application vulnerabilities identification and remediation on various languages and technologies. Edouard is IBM Security AppScan and Qradar certified and help companies integrating AppScan in their SDLC with Continuous Integration tools. He also integrates AppScan with SIEM like QRadar.

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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