Webinar Recording: Securing Cyberspace: Are You Ready?


    Cyber threats are a serious economic and financial challenge facing the world today. Technology is rapidly changing and becoming more sophisticated, yet every day brings new reports of high-profile organisations suffering significant data breaches. These breaches result in access to and loss of vital information causing negative publicity, a lack of trust, a drop in consumer confidence and lost market share.

    Businesses and government organisations will lose millions to cybercrime and the amount of cyber threats is still growing. The bridge from technology to a secure cyberspace is a skilled and well-equipped cyber workforce. Educating and training your workforce to become cyber warriors means giving them the expertise they need to hunt for and continuously monitor networks for intrusions, think like cyber criminals, and reverse-engineer an attack.


    The webinar will include the following elements:

    • Impact of Cyber threats
    • Importance of Security skills and knowledge
    • Prepare your cyber workforce to respond to the latest threats and attacks


    Jeff Wheeldon

    Jeff Wheeldon is the Director of the Global Knowledge Cisco Business EMEA(R). With over 15 years' experience working with various leading companies in the world of IT, Jeff has an extensive knowledge of cyber threats, security skills and knowledge and how organisations should respond to the latest threats and attacks.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Language: English

    Technical Requirements: Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

    Watch the webinar recording